Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A squirrel's tail of a beginning.

On July the seventh Gregory and I will be closing on 50 acres of land in south east North Carolina, on Shiloh road. Gregory is my son.  He doesn't much care about closing on the farm, but I do.

It's hard to know where to begin this blog.  Do I start with when I found the property on Shiloh road, or do I begin with when I started looking for a place to live here in south east North Carolina?  Do I start with when I read the want ads in the Loudoun Times-Mirror as a young teen wanting to find a farm to buy?

Or how about when my first grade teacher asked us girls what did we want to do when we grew up? Or at least until we got married and became mothers: "A teacher, a nurse or a secretary?" and I answered "A horse breeder.  I can do that and be married to my cousin Robert."

Beginnings are sort of like the metaphor of a squirrel's  tail Dr.  Neale H. Mucklow talked of so long ago in philosophy class: "You can clearly tell where the squirrel's tail is and where it is not, but the boarder between the two is a little fuzzy.  Is an individual hair the beginning of the tail?  Two hairs?  Three? Just where does the squirrel's tail actually begin?"

So here is my problem: Where to start this blog?  I guessing much like the squirrel's tail I'll start in several places and eventually get to a place where the squirrel's tail (in this case the beginning of this farm) definitely is.